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Hi, I’m Dennis.

I am a cooking aficionado and a kitchen appliance fanatic who has been systematically getting the most out of my kitchen for over 15 years.

After accumulating and testing nearly every kitchen appliance on the market, I completely redesigned my kitchen in 2016, and since then have been slowly re-populating my cooking station with only the best kitchen tools available.

A huge fan of travel and eating, one of my favorite things to do is visiting grocery stores while abroad, and taking local cooking courses. I’ve been trained in cooking techniques in Mexico, Guatemala, Brazil and India. 

I’m a “pescatarian,” albeit one who occasionally dabbles in the “not-so-vegetarian-friendly” arts, but am also known to prepare meat-heavy plates for friends and family. As such, my cooking repertoire is all over the map – from vegetarian comfort foods to desserts to spare ribs – and most importantly, I have the kitchen to prove it!  

Kitchen tools really are my life – I buy them, use them and abuse them (figuratively speaking of course) to determine exactly what I can get out of my kitchen. From knives and pans to air fryers and indoor grills, I’ve tested them all. 

I’ve been called a kitchen nerd, and a knife geek, but take pains to avoid culinary snobbery. As such, I try to avoid alienating language and unhelpful jargon, and explain that kind of terminology when necessary.  My goal is to be helpful, and to invite more people to fully enjoy the pleasures of their kitchen!

My work has been published in the NYTimes, and I’ve consulted on numerous kitchen overhauls. 

I live in New York with my wife and small family of animals.