The 6 Best Bacon Grease Containers

Here are the six best bacon grease containers currently on the market.

Many of us are finally starting to realize that bacon fat can be reused to impart foods with delicious flavor. To be fair, plenty of people have been reusing their bacon drippings for years. But until recently, those bacon drippings were often stored in unappetizing and unsightly soup cans. 

Fortunately, there are loads of new bacon grease containers out there that both store and strain bacon fat, prepping that oily goodness for a new life. Here are the six best bacon grease containers currently on the market. 

High End Pick

Briink Collective Bacon Grease Container

Briink Collective – Ceramic Bacon Grease Container

My pick for the all around, absolute best fillet knife.

Budget Pick

YEAHPY Bacon Container

YEAHPY – Silicone Bacon Grease Container

My pick for the best bacon grease container under $10.

Value Pick

Ayesha Curry Bacon Grease Can

Ayesha Curry – Enamel on Steel Bacon Grease Container

1. Sumerflos – 1.8 L/1.9 Quart Stainless Steel Bacon Grease Container

Sumerflos Container

Sumerflos – 1.8 L/1.9 Quart Stainless Steel Bacon Grease Container

This Sumerflos bacon grease container is made from brushed stainless steel and exemplifies aesthetic minimalism.

This Sumerflos stainless steel bacon grease container epitomizes smart, minimalist design. It’s made from a high quality and food-grade, 18/8 brushed stainless steel and looks fantastic on the countertop. Aesthetically, it perfectly matches and complements most modern kitchens. 

Of course, aesthetics are not the only factor to consider when selecting a grease container, but I would venture to say that aesthetics are pretty important for something that is going to rest for even a short time on the countertop. 

This container is really elegant – the dust-proof lid sits nicely above a fine mesh filter, and both have small, helpful handles so that you can maneuver your container without getting your hands greasy. It also comes in a smaller 1.2 liter model, which is quite cute and practical for smaller families. 

Structurally, the container is a perfect cylinder, with a parallel, cylindrical handle. The whole thing rests on top of a separate, anti-slip tray, which prevents oil from spilling onto the countertop. Think of this tray like you might imagine the small plates used to rest cooking utensils while in use.  

The Sumerflos bacon grease container (really, it can hold and strain any oil you are using) is also exceptionally functional. The spout is curved perfectly to create a smooth, drip-proof pour, which is obviously important when working with oils. Nobody likes a greasy countertop. 

And finally, this container is easy to clean. Stainless steel is famously easy to wash, and if you want, you could even put it in the dishwasher – the fine mesh strainer too! On the downside, the container is relatively light, but still plenty substantial to hold hot bacon grease. 

One last concern is with respect to the lid. While it is aesthetically pleasing, it doesn’t quite cut it functionally, as it simply rests on top rather than clicking in place. That said, if you’re careful, it shouldn’t be a problem.


  • Made from high quality, food-grade 18/8 brushed stainless steel.
  • Elegant design, with a dust-proof lid and ergonomic, stay cool handle.
  • Curved spout for smooth, drip-proof pouring.
  • Features a removable, fine mesh filter to catch small particles.
  • Anti-slip base/tray prevents oil from spilling onto the countertop.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Relatively light in weight.
  • Lid rests on top of the container, rather than creating an air-tight seal. 

Price: $$


2. D&D – 5 Cup/1.25 Quart Stainless Steel Bacon Grease Container  

D&D Grease Container

D&D – 5 Cup/1.25 Quart Stainless Steel Bacon Grease Container

Polished and cute, this D&D bacon grease container is a great stainless steel alternative.

This five cup D&D bacon grease container is a cute little option for those looking for polished stainless steel. The container is quite similar to the Sumerflos grease container described above, but with some notable differences. 

Let’s start with the similarities. Like the Sumerflos, this D&D container is made from high quality, 304 stainless steel, but rather than being brushed, this stainless steel is polished, which gives it a bright, mirrored aesthetic. 

There is no qualitative difference between brushed and polished stainless steel. Whether you choose a brushed or polished finish is purely subjective, and usually depends on what matches the look of the rest of the stainless steel in your kitchen. 

Like the Sumerflos, this D&D bacon grease container also includes an easily removable, fine mesh filter to catch small particles, allowing clean grease to drip down into the chamber. I really like the lip that projects out from the side of ths filter as well – it keeps any grease or oil far from my fingers. 

The grease container rests on an anti-slip base, which again, prevents oil from touching the countertop. And it’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe. 

The handle on this item is riveted, and comes out at an angle, rather than remaining parallel to the cylindrical container. This requires a little bit more leverage than a parallel handle, but really doesn’t affect operation one bit. The handle stays cool to the touch, and it’s comfortable, which is obviously the most important thing when it comes to handles. 

The D&D, like the Sumerflos, is somewhat light weight, but again, it’s got more than enough heft to handle a hot load of bacon grease. My only real complaint regarding this product is the embossment on the side – I don’t need my bacon grease container to declare its insides to the world, but that’s just a matter of preference.


  • Made from high quality, 304 polished stainless steel.
  • Features a curved, comfortable and cool-to-the-touch handle.
  • Includes an easily removable, fine mesh filter to catch small particles.
  • Anti-slip base/tray prevents oil from spilling onto the countertop.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Relatively light in weight.
  • “Grease” is embossed on the side.

Price: $$


3. Cambom – 1.3L Bacon Grease Container  

Cambom Bacon Grease Container

Cambom – 1.3L Bacon Grease Container

This Cambom bacon grease container comes in two sizes and four colors, each with an ultra-modern, matte finish.

This 1.3 liter (nearly 6 cup) bacon grease container by Cambom is sleek, and comes in four different colors and two sizes. Colors include a matte black, emerald green, red and silver. I’ll be discussing the 1.3 liter version, but make sure you check out the 1.6 liter model as well, especially if you’re looking for something a little bigger. 

The first thing to take note of in considering the Cambom is its composition. Made from wrought iron, this thing is quite solid, and heavier than most comparable grease containers. The grease container is covered in a non-stick coating, which is good, because wrought iron will rust otherwise. 

I really like the look of these containers – the colors all have a nice, elegant matte finish, and the design is otherwise pretty minimalist, with a straight side, an unassuming spout and dust-proof lid. Each container also comes with an anti-slip base that prevents oil from spilling onto the countertop.

One thing to pay attention to with grease containers is the lid. While most of us won’t be turning the container on its head, especially with bacon fat inside, it is still relatively important to have a snug fitting lid. Not only is this more functional, it’s a mark of smart construction. 

In this respect, the Cambom does not disappoint. The lid fits nicely, preventing dust and extraneous debris from getting inside. That said, even if something did fall into the container, it would be filtered out by the fine mesh strainer, which rests comfortably between the container and lid. 

There are, unfortunately, a few negatives to take note of. While none of these things are grounds for a veto, they should still be taken into consideration. 

First, the handle is made from bakelite, which is a kind of plastic. Don’t get me wrong – the handle is well made, and even riveted into the container, and it’s not going anywhere. But it is plastic, and that’s a deal breaker for some people. 

And lastly, the filter, which is made from stainless steel, shouldn’t be soaked in water. Moreover, the manufacturer recommends that it be wiped dry as soon as possible, which leads me to fear that they have had some issues with rusting. 

But as long as you follow the instructions for care, the container should be just fine – hand wash only, and don’t ever soak it.


  • Made from wrought iron, with a non-stick coating inside and out to prevent rusting.
  • Includes an easily removable, fine mesh filter made from stainless steel.
  • Anti-slip base/tray prevents oil from spilling onto the countertop.
  • Dust-proof lid fits snuggly in place.


  • The handle is made from bakelite, a kind of plastic.
  • The filter cannot be soaked – after cleaning it should be wiped dry as soon as possible.

Price: $$


4. Briink Collective – Ceramic Bacon Grease Container  

Briink Collective Bacon Grease Container

Briink Collective – Ceramic Bacon Grease Container

This farmhouse-style bacon grease container is both beautiful and highly functional.

With the Briink Collective Ceramic Bacon Grease Container we move into a new genre of container, those that are meant to sit on the counter and/or in your refrigerator without really being handled or moved around at all. This sleek, high quality porcelain ceramic bacon grease container is emblematic of that style. 

First, it’s really aesthetically pleasing, and I say that despite the image of a pig and “bacon” script imprinted on the side. I actually don’t mind this decoration that much, since it’s subtle, and it really blends into the white gloss of the porcelain. 

Functionally, the Briink Collective container performs very well, with some small limitations. Because it’s made from ceramic you don’t have to worry about any metal leaching into your food, and it can handle even the hottest of greases, straight from the pan. The lid fits securely – always a big plus – and can be removed easily with an unassuming handle that loops across the top. 

Ceramic is also dishwasher safe. Even if you don’t have a dishwasher, it’s super easy to clean. It includes a removable, fine mesh stainless steel filter, which is easy enough to remove despite not having a large lip to grab onto. 

This lack of handle on the filter reminds me to mention that the container itself doesn’t have a handle, or spout for that matter. And this is really owing to its distinct utility design – unlike the containers above, this bacon grease container isn’t designed to house fat for immediate reuse (although you can, of course reuse it), but rather, to be stored. 

Let’s think about this – bacon grease can be stored either on the countertop or in the refrigerator (more on this below), and I feel more comfortable storing fat in ceramic as opposed to stainless steel or aluminum. In this respect, the Briink Collective container is really your go to. 

One downside is the size (which is, alternatively, an upside if you’re low on space). At five inches tall and five inches in diameter, this container can only hold about 3.5 cups (or about 0.8 liters) of grease. Sure, this is much less than the containers listed above, but really, how much bacon are you cooking? 

For me, the size of this bacon grease container is more than enough for my needs, making it an ideal purchase. 


  • Aesthetically pleasing, made from premium quality porcelain ceramic with a white gloss finish.
  • Dishwasher safe, and can withstand the high heat of hot bacon grease.
  • Includes an easily removable, fine mesh filter made from stainless steel.
  • Lid fits securely, with a slightly arched handle on top. 


  • No side handle or spout for pouring.
  • Relatively small capacity (only 3.5 cups, or about 0.8 liters).

Price: $$$


5. Ayesha Curry – Enamel on Steel Bacon Grease Container  

Ayesha Curry Bacon Grease Can

Ayesha Curry – Enamel on Steel Bacon Grease Container  

This small bacon grease container is heavier than you might expect (in a good way) and comes in five colors.

Alright, Ayesha Curry has officially made the list, and it’s because this nicely made, enamel clad steel bacon grease container is great value for your money. Coming in at under $15, this heavy duty, high gauge steel container is an absolute steal. 

Ayesha Curry is no stranger to the kitchen space, having put out a best-selling cookbook and kitchenware lines, and this bacon grease container is actually part of a much larger collection that is worth checking out. 

The product itself is made from a heavy gauge steel, covered in enamel (like fancy Le Creuset cookware). Many have asked if that heavy gauge steel is stainless, and it is not, but that’s ok because it’s layered in enamel, which provides the same stain resistant properties that you would get from stainless steel. 

And that enamel comes in five beautiful colors, each with a matte finish. They include Basil Green, Brown Sugar, French Vanilla White, Sienna Red, and Twilight Teal Blue. I myself am partial to the Basil Green, though I can see how the Brown Sugar combines aesthetics with function. 

The lid is heavy (in a good way) and fits snugly in place, and is easily removed with a small, convenient handle. Unfortunately though, it’s just that lid on the container, and no filter in between to strain out bits of food. This is a significant setback if you’re looking to reuse your bacon fat, and I really don’t understand why they would have left this out of the design. 

The container stands just over four inches tall and is four inches in diameter, holding just about two full cups of fat/oil/grease. The truth is, this is more than enough from a bacon drippings container, because as I’ve pointed out before, exactly how much bacon are you cooking? 

The Ayesha Curry bacon grease container also fits in nicely on the counter, or in the refrigerator, but unfortunately does not have a spout or side handle, which leads me to believe that you’re meant to spoon bacon grease out, rather than pour it. This is absolutely fine, but something to take note of – if you try to pour fat directly from this container, you’ll likely make a mess. 


  • Made from heavy gauge steel, covered in enamel for easy clean up.
  • Heavy lid – with a convenient handle – fits snuggly in place.
  • Comes in five colors.
  • Purchases of Ayesha Curry kitchenware helps support the No Kid Hungry initiative. 


  • Relatively small, just over four inches tall and four inches in diameter.
  • No filter/strainer to separate out food bits.
  • No spout or container side handle.

Price: $$


6. YEAHPY – Silicone Bacon Grease Container 

YEAHPY Bacon Container

YEAHPY – Silicone Bacon Grease Container 

Cute, well designed, and microwave safe – what’s not to love? 

This YEAHPY bacon grease container is the smallest and cutest container on this list. It’s also the only bacon grease container made from silicone, so let’s get right into that. 

Food grade silicones are increasingly popular in the kitchen space, and for good reason. They’re safe (BPA-free) in that they don’t leach chemicals into your food; they’re easy to clean and microwave safe; and they can withstand very high temperatures. 

This container in particular can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than enough to handle a little bacon fat (for reference, rendered bacon fat smokes at 325 degrees Fahrenheit).

Moving on from materials, the design is obviously a standout feature on this container as well. The lid is shaped like a cute little pig face, which I’ll concede is only a little morbid, considering the intended contents. But the lid fits very securely, as does the silicone filter that helps to strain out food debris, cleaning your oil. 

As I have said, silicone is completely dishwasher and microwave safe, and that’s particularly helpful because as you know, bacon grease solidifies at room temperature. So if you want to pour bacon fat on anything, you’ll need to reheat it, which means either scooping it into a separate pan on the stovetop, or popping it in the microwave. 

The fact that you can microwave this container is extremely convenient. It’s small enough to fit in the microwave, since it only contains just about a cup of rendered fat. Again, this may seem small, but it’s actually a lot when we’re talking bacon fat. 

This bacon grease container is also absurdly inexpensive, coming in at under $10. Given the practicality, price and quality materials, this YEAHPY bacon grease container definitely has a place at the top of the list.


  • Made from food-grade, BPA-free silicone, with a heat resistance up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Piglet lid creates a secure seal to prevent dust from falling into the container.
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe and easy to clean.
  • Very inexpensive.


  • Relatively small, just over four inches tall and three and a third inches in diameter – holds just about one cup of rendered fat. 

Price: $


How to store bacon grease

The bacon grease containers listed above are all excellent options for storing bacon grease. But the question you may still be left with is – do I store that container on my countertop, or in the refrigerator? 

Bacon grease may be stored on the countertop for up to six months, without refrigeration. Alternatively, bacon grease can be stored in the refrigerator, where it can last up to one year.

The most important step in safely storing bacon grease is straining out food particles, which can introduce unwanted bacteria and lead to spoilage. In a similar vein, you’ll want to make sure that your bacon grease container has a lid that fits tightly to make sure extraneous debris is not introduced to your rendered bacon drippings. 

Although you can technically leave your bacon grease on the counter, I really see no reason for this, and prefer to keep mine in the refrigerator. The fat will solidify in either environment, and it’s just safer in the fridge. 

If, however, you insist on leaving your bacon fat on the counter, just make sure to do a smell test before use – a quick whiff will tell you if your bacon drippings are still good, or if they’ve gone rancid. 

How to use bacon grease

Once your bacon drippings have been strained, the rendered oil can be used in any number of applications. You can use it to cook eggs, drizzled on pasta or as a flavoring oil on popcorn.

It’s important to remember though that bacon grease will solidify at room temperature, which means you’ll need to heat it appropriately if you want to drizzle it over food. That’s why I like bacon grease containers that are microwave safe, and have spouts for easy pouring. 

Alternatively, you can always scoop a tablespoon of grease straight into your pan, and heat it as you would butter before adding the food you’d like to cook. Remember, cooking with bacon grease is all about imparting your food with that bacon flavor. 

At the end of the day, bacon grease can be used in just about any application in which you might use butter. Experiment, play with different salts, and enjoy!

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